Friday, January 14, 2011

little chubbo

finn has seriously bulked up lately. he started out as such a skinny little squirt but really has caught up to his baby buddies in the past few months. we weighed him last night, and he rang in at a whooping 18.6lbs! (and our scale is notoriously on the light side.) its all happening so quickly though- it has honestly been the fastest year of my life, and knowing that i have to head back to work in april is weighing heavy on my heart. i cant imagine the days when i dont get to spend all my time just hanging with finn. and to add to that stress, finn has become the worst nighttime sleeper with no signs of improvement. he is up every 2 hours like clockwork, and i am at a loss of what to do to help change that. time will tell i suppose. until then, i am trying to just enjoy the time i do have with my sweet man- sleep or no sleep.