Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

We had such a wonderful day today- the weather has been unusually nice (though i hear that's coming to an end tonight) so we decided to dig out the stroller (we have exclusively been using our ergo carrier lately) and go for an epic walk. We journeyed from our house, down through Stanley park and up 4th street to 17th ave SW. We popped into Reid's Stationary and got some supplies so Finn can mail out Valentines to his special Grandma's and most favouite cousin, had a coffee and scone at Cafe Beano, swung on some swings at the park behind Papa's work, and then stopped by the pet store to get Peau some much needed treats. We were gone for quite a few hours and opted to hop on the bus for a few stops to make the walk home a little quicker- by the time we left downtown, it was starting to get pretty windy and chilly and Finn was definitely ready for dinner, a bath and an early bedtime. It was such a great day though. Awesome to be outside, amazing to see all the changes in our neighbourhood, great to run into some good friends around town but mostly so nice to spend the day as a family. I wouldn't trade days like these for anything.