Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have an obsession with jars- Actually, I'm not sure if I love jars or just HATE packaging. No- It's definitely jars! I love organizing, storing, canning, collecting... pretty much anything jar related is my cup of tea. I look at them every time we go to a store that might have them and absolutely LOVE searching my favourite website, etsy, for vintage beautiful looking ones of all sizes. (check how amazing these ones are!) I especially love mason jars- so much so that one day when I get married, i want only mason jars with candles in them filling every table! Cheap, easy and so beautiful! Anyways, it is fair to say I have a few jars kicking around our house, the largest collection of which belongs to my baking/ cooking essentials, so when I stumbled across a website that would print custom labels for these jars, I HAD to oblige! They arrived in the mail today, so I got to work- reorganizing the pantry and making sure all the important things had a clean jar and now, a new label! I think they turned out pretty cute!