Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Friends

I am feeling a little blue tonight as I went to a going away party for my dear friend Ami and her wonderful husband Patrick. They are moving to New Zealand for the next year, and away from Calgary indefinitely. A few months back, another great friend of mine, Paula, moved to Salt Spring Island- a slightly easier pill to swallow being that BC is MUCH closer and thus, easier to reconnect or visit when time permits. Also, a substantially less expensive phone call.

Ami, Paula and I worked together at Green Calgary. Ami and I shared an office for most of our careers there, and as a result, so many stories, ideas, giggles and gossip- too many fun times to recall. Paula and I worked really well together. We spent hours using each other as a soundboard for endless ideas and constant shoulders to lean on for moral support- Truly a great match. When I went on Maternity leave, the hardest part for me was not being able to see the amazing friends I had at work every day, and an underlying fear of losing my close connections with them- Ami and Paula were my main 'rocks' and the two that I always looked forward to seeing most, so having them both leave is, well... hard. The thought of heading back to work after a year off and knowing they wont be there is making an already difficult transition a little more difficult (and the evening a bit of a teary one.) I don't mean to sound selfish- They both have amazing things happening right now- great adventures on the go and new dreams to explore, and I couldn't be more excited and hopeful for them. Just a little sad for me. I hope they both know how grateful I am to have them in my life- That they are such an extraordinary part of so many memories that I will forever cherish, and I hope there are many many more to come. I love you both dearly and wish nothing but happiness for both of you- even if that means leaving me here by myself. ;) I can't wait for our paths to cross again soon and to see what our futures have in store. You will forever be in my heart as sweet friends! XO

* below is a sweet photo of us three that my dear PB sent in reply to this post. love it and cant wait for new summer adventures!