Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Away We Go

Today marks to official start of my last month of maternity leave- so sad. I head back to work on April 1st, which means leaving my job as a full-time mom and heading back to the real work of office busy work. Since having Finn, I have really become infatuated with the idea of not working ever again- but not just me, Jeff too. It seems so backwards to me that we work all day to make ends meet all the while sacrificing time we could be spending together as a family. And if this passed year is any indicator, time together is a very precious commodity that flashes by at the speed of light. Unreal! As much as I have always loved my job and the work that we do, my goal is to once again be home with my family- to travel and show Finn everything possible- all the places we know and love, and places we have yet to explore but could trek through and make brand new memories together. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a hippie (which in case you haven't figured out by now, we kind of are), I love the idea of homeschooling Finn- at least in the early years, and being able to travel around as a family all the while showing him the ways of the world, or at least the way we see it. In my perfect dream world, we would have a little VW Westfalia camper van, lime green to be exact, and we can venture wherever the wind takes us- waking up and making coffee in the crisp morning air, exploring whatever the landscapes have to offer us by afternoon. Emphasizing things like being part of your community, empathy towards the worlds people and to nature, caring for and not exploiting the things around us as well as things from far away. Just showing him important things that will one day make him a wonderful man. My sweet friend, Paula (from my last post) gently reminded me about manifesting all the positive things you want to have happen in life- something that lately i have not been doing. So in order to one day make this little pipe dream of ours a reality, I am just going to start putting it out into the universe- manifesting our happy little future. Lets see where that takes us.