Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every Boy Needs a Dog

Finn and Chapeau have recently become buds! Well, sort of. Chapeau has been a little weary of Finn since he started moving. In the beginning, Peau would rush over to lick Finn's face when we would return home, and was keen to sniff him and be around him, but once Finn become old enough to move a little, Chapeau was totally freaked out! Who was this mini human grabbing at him and stealing all his thunder!? It has taken a lot of time for Peau to warm up to Finn- Finn LOVES chasing, petting, lunging, laughing and blabbering at Chapeau, but literally Peau would climb the wall to escape Finn's reach. Things started to change when Finn realized how much Chapeau also loves puffed kamit and banana crackers. Finn will regularly drop pieces of his meal on the ground and then quickly lean over to watch for Peau coming in to eat it all up. We have even caught Finn sharing little nibbles of his crackers with Chapeau- hanging his hand over the side of his highchair, letting Peau get a little bite, and then promptly resuming his own cracker munch. But the real deal sealer came the other day- Chapeau has a beloved stuffed animal- a little purple blob that we call 'Purple People Eater' or just 'Purple' for short. His whole life, this 99 cent toy has been his favourite, so much so that he has gone through six of them in the last 8 years! The one in this video is the last one we could find- hense the nearly falling off arm, lack of stuffing and giant whole in his armpit. Anyways, Chapeau is quick to guard Purple- you will almost always see him curled up with Purple under his chin, so to watch Chapeau willingly let Finn take Purple away from him is a real breakthrough. These guys are well on their way to becoming great pals, which is so awesome to watch!