Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finn's Birthday Book

For Finn's 1st Birthday, I wanted to make him something special. We aren't much for unnecessary things, which often encompasses gifts, but I did want to get him something meaningful to have as a special keepsake as he grows older, so I thought a storybook all about Finn would be just that perfect meaningful thing. I spent a Sunday afternoon writing the story- a sweet tale of Finn checking on his garden and finding a surprise that he didn't know was there. The only problem with this plan is that I am not much of an artist! I wanted the book to be perfect, and knew that if I ended up drawing it out, it would not be all that I had envisioned. So I thought to ask a few of our close and most artistic friends to help out. Each were assigned two pages, given very loose instructions to maintain a little bit of consistency, and asked to send us either an original piece of art that we could scan, or a JPEG image to add to the book. The final product was more than i could have ever dreamed of! They are all so vastly different, but so uniquely perfect! Such wonderful and true expressions of all the special people that created them, and the best possible result for a special birthday present for Finn. Thanks so much, Kelsy, James, Sean, Stephanie and Paula- you are all amazing, talented and so wonderful to us! 

To view the book in its entirety, click HERE or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Stephanie Nigh

James Boettcher

Paula Blundell
Sean MacAlister

Kelsy Norman
Jeff Thorburn