Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finn's Party Hat

Finn's first birthday is coming up on April 9th, so we are planning a little party with some of our closest friends and family to celebrate! I have recently become a super craftaholic (my bf, Stephanie and I are in the middle of planning, decorating and catering a baby shower for one of my Mom's friends- stay tuned for a new blog all about our adventures in partyland soon!) so between making adorable banners, pompoms, food signs and cake toppers for the shower, and making a million cute projects for Finn's party, I am pretty much making or dreaming about crafts at all times of the day.

Below is the party hat I made for Finn this afternoon- I wanted it to blend all right with the mostly vintage inspired fabrics and papers we have already incorporated, but I also wanted it to still be fun and cute- I thought this fabric worked well as polka dots are always great, and the colours are vibrant, but still fit with the rest of what we have planned. Jeff thinks it looks a little bit like a wizard cap- true- but I am still happy with how it turned out.