Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am flag obsessed! I have made so many little flags, big flags and large and small rows of bunting flags that I now feel like they are taking over my life! It stemmed from the idea of having flags as a decoration for Finn's birthday, then we stumbled upon some beautiful paper that became the inspiration for the baby shower Steph and I just did, and behold, flags became the theme for that party too!

So, I will share with you a few pictures. A tiny little sneakpeek of the mini flags Stephanie and I made for the baby shower- We made SO many of them, all different patterns and colours and used them as lables for the food we made. We also made some more generic ones with monogrammed letters on them ("E" for baby Emma), hearts and other sweet shapes so we could tuck them in with little things like the cutlery, random jars of candy and any other items that popped up flag-free, and then pass them on to Mama and babe to have as a sweet keepsake from their special day.

Also, a small seleciton of the flags I am making for Finn's birthday party! The idea being to COVER his birthday cake in all kinds of different flags! (Inspiration taken from these two amazing pictures below from Herriott Grace! I LOVE these cakes so much)

I also made this miniature bunting banner that was originally made for use on his birthday cake, but I think it adds a little bit of much needed life to our rough looking little plant.