Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food fit for a little Prince!

We are taking Finn and Jeff's cousins little guy, Jackson (the sweet little boy talked about in this post here) to the zoo tomorrow. The zoo was another thing on my small list of adventures I wanted to go on before heading back to work, and being that Shaun and Shannon surely have their hands full with baby Scott, (and we absolutely adore Jackson) we figured why not see if he would be up for the adventure too!

Inspired by the adorable website Another Lunch (how completely excited would you be to open your lunch box and find these!?) I eagerly started planning a feast for our zoo day picnic.

On our Menu:
Peanut Butter and Banana Pinwheels
Cheese Tortilla "Tree Tops"
Skewers of Grapes with Organic Marshmallows
Rainbow Carrot Sticks
Marble Cheese Stars with Whole Grain Crackers
Apple Cubes with Raisins
Popcorn and Chocolate Chips*
Kiju Organic Lemonade (My most favourite juice ever!!)

*Because we have to have something treat-like to make sure he wants to hang out with us again!


  1. Ahhh!! Kay seriously, our little guys are so going to school together so we can trade making fun lunches like this for them every day. Then we'll walk them to school and sit and have a latte on our way home. :)
    This looks incredible. Hope you have the best time at the zoo tomorrow!!!

  2. thanks for all the great ideas today! i tried to make duck shapped dried mangos, but had no luck. i was going to say i cant wait for lattes on our walk home from school, but that means our little boys will be like... 4, so i can totally wait! no rush for that! :)