Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Over our Christmas vacation while back in New Brunswick with Jeff's family, Jeff sorted through a few old boxes of keepsakes from his childhood. Along with multiple hilarious stories by Jeff's brother Kyle all about his desperate longing for a dog, we stumbled upon Jeff's old cabbage patch doll; A sweet little boy with blonde hair and green eyes. The doll was in mint condition as he received little to no play time from Jeff as a kid, but Finn took an instant liking to this little guy. We were quick to start calling him Jose, and he was quick to become Finn's most favourite toy. Finn never gets tired of playing with Jose- his whole face starts to beam as soon as he sees Jose, and he absolutely loves giving him hugs and big, slobbery kisses (or maybe bites on his head- I'm not really sure which!)

Once we got back to Calgary, Jose slowly started losing his clothes. First it was shoes and socks, then his baby blue overalls (I am not such a huge fan of pastel colours), then his white dress shirt. He was hanging out in his diaper for a while, but I got nervous when Finn started chewing on it- After all, he is over 25 years old. So 'nudie Jose' it was, until one day last week during Finn's morning nap time, I decided poor Jose needed some new clothes. I am not much a sewer (my sewing machine is stored on the top shelf of my closet and i'm not that good at using it at the best of times, so i try my darnedest to either hand stitch, glue and glue gun just about every project I get my hands on) so by no means is his outfit well crafted, but it definitely does the trick! I had some old dark gray jersey fabric from when we covered the couch in our old house (7 years ago!) so i made him a little t-shirt, and had recently bought some cute red nautical inspired fabric for a steal at $3.00/ meter and thought they would make cute overalls! Finn seems to be pretty happy with the results. I am hoping to make Jose a sweater at some point- We wouldn't want him to get cold once Finn is old enough to start dragging him around on outdoor adventure!

Jose before...

Jose after!