Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

We had a wonderful trip to the zoo yesterday with sweet Jackson. What a wonderful, kind, polite and friendly little boy. We had so many funny moments with him (hilarious listening to all the amazing things that come out of the three year olds mouth!) and it was fun to see what having two kids would be like, though only for a few hours (which was plenty for me!)
Thanks for the wonderful day, my dear Jackson! We cant wait to see you again soon! (When Jackson left us, he asked if next time he could come play at our house- I asked him what his favourite meal was to which he replied "spaghetti and meatballs" so a promise was made that when he came over, spaghetti and (veggie) meatballs will be had!)

Jackson the Penguin

Instant buds      

Rushing from the baby giraffe to the hipos- Jackson is too fast!

Finn being such a good little monkey
Sharing bunny crackers
bottomless pit! He ate SO much of the lunch we brought, popcorn being his fav!
Carousel- He didn't want to ride any of the animals, just sit in his "favourite kind of chair"
Taking time to smell all the flowers
Tired little legs, watching the elephants while still popcorn eating