Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Party Napkins

Stephanie and I successfully planned and catered our first party this passed weekend- It turned out wonderfully and everything was beautiful and delicious! Such a relief! I will share a link to our party blog as soon as we decide on a name for it. We are both so excited to post pictures of the little details from this (and future) events we have our hands in.

Having the shower off my plate has allowed me to fully focus all my craft inspiration on Finn's upcoming birthday party! One thing that was really important to us, was to not have disposable products for this party- Obviously they are convenient, but we really try to avoid most single use items in our daily life, and this party is no exception. Dishes, serving plate, cutlery and glasses are all easy things to borrow and put together in place of their disposable counterparts, but the one things I was struggling with was napkins! Reusable napkins can be expensive, and finding an used 'set' for the 30-ish people that will be coming to the party was proving to be a difficult challenge.

I came up with the idea to purchase some inexpensive raw cotton from the fabric store (a bargain at $8.00/ meter) and cut it into small cocktail sized squares. I opted to leave the edges raw- in part because I really liked the rustic look this gave them, but also because the alternative of sewing 30 little squares was totally out of the question! I then used some of the left over fabric from Finn's party hat to wrap around the napkins and tied them on with a little bit of jute twine. Tada! Super easy, cheap, and cute little napkins ready for a sweet little boys first birthday party!