Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Fever!

I just finished typing up a post on our website, CalgaryisAwesome, all about Seedy Saturday- an annual seed trading/ selling event that always bumps my spring fever into high gear. It has got me SOOO excited about getting our garden ready! We took the summer off from growing last year (I had planned to plant a bunch of things, but got a little side tracked with a new born babe, so only ended up having chives that had returned from the summer previous, and potatoes that I ended up giving to my Aunt and she happily grew and shared the harvest with us!) so my gardening itch is extra strong!

I found an awesome little shop on etsy called Cubit's Organic- a sweet little family run organic seed company from Toronto with some completely amazing and beautiful heirloom veggie varieties. I am so excited to plant the colourful carrot mix, mixed rainbow beets, baby leaf lettuce mix, and rainbow swiss chard I received in the mail last week. I just wish we had more space and a touch more sunshine- I would have happily bought and grown everything in her shop!

In addition to these wonderful veggies, I always love growing a huge pot of herbs- parsley, rosemary, dill, basil, mint, lavender and a few random others. They always smell so incredible (especially after a summer rain!) and grow so quickly- I am all about instant gratification, so herbs always fulfill that element for me. There is also nothing better than fresh herbs in whatever you are making and something about plucking herbs from the garden to add to whatever is on the menu is just the greatest! I am hoping to make some homemade lavender & honey butter over the summer- yum! And look how adorable these little herb markers from BeachHouseLiving are!

I am mostly excited to share our garden with Finn! Growing a little bit of food has become such an important and exciting aspect of our family life, so to share this knowledge with 'the next generation' is a really awesome feeling. I wrote a storybook all about Finn and his garden for Finn's upcoming first birthday (more on that another day- I will share all the beautiful illustrations that some of our bestest friends are in the process of creating for this book!) and I am really looking forward to reading it to him and watching him get exciting about our garden- It's always such a fun experiment for us as we have limited space, not a ton of sunshine and grow everything in pots, so to see what works, what doesn't, and what surprises transform is always amazing! Some of our happiest summer memories surround our growing garden- like the time the squirrel (repeatedly!) dug up our strawberry plant and ate every piece of fruit that grew on it, or the summer we loved and cared for a little tomato plant and jumped for joy when, in September, we got one little darling (somewhat green) tomato off it. It will be so much more exciting and gratifying to get to share these memories with our sweet little Finn!

* our garden, summers passed