Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ugh! ETSY!

I have an etsy addiction! I cant get enough. I spend many many hours of every day just looking at wonderful things. I am in need of an intervention! But until that happens, I figured I would share a few of my most favourite pretty things floating around there at this moment.

Print of Purple Beets on up-cycled dictionary pages
All these prints are so simple, CHEAP and beautiful, it's hard to pick just one, but seeing as beets are my favourite vegetable, and the colours in this one are so great, I picked it to love the most!

Handmade Kitchen Broom by Broomchick
We are trying to purge our home of all plastic, and a (plastic-free) broom has been on our list for a while now. how beautiful are these ones?!

Organic Cotton Bicycle Cloth Napkins by Ohlittlerabbit
I love anything with bicycles on them! This shop also had napkins with vintage cameras, so i'm a little town between the two, but liked the blue colour of the screen on these ones a lot.

Small Bee Hotel by Wudwerx
BEES!!! totally my favourite thing! they are so neat! and why wouldnt we want to give them an awesome home!? When we have a real yard, I would love to have beehives and show Finn all of their coolness! plus be able to make our own honey! or rather, use our little worker bees for that. :)

Letterpress Recipe Cards and Recipe Box by 1canoe2
I have a new love for all things letterpress AND have been trying to organize my recipe box for a while now. Somehow digital recipes and printed out sheets of paper are just not what I want to have kicking around my kitchen- This is just too pretty not to love! And it comes with a handmade recipe box from her Dad?! So sweet!

Tied- Illustrated print by NanLawson
I very much love (and collect) chairs- Seeing as we have no room for any more in our small space, this is the next best thing! And so adorable to boot! All her work is SO cute!

World Map Organic Cotton Oversized Pillow by Mybeardedpigeon
I have been on the hunt for a large world map to hang in our kitchen- it came to me in a vision once, and now I am madly trying to track one down! But in my hunt I came across this pillow! How awesome to have around for the little ones! or heck, us big ones too! LOVE!