Friday, May 13, 2011

Bike Bike!

I finally got a new bike! I have had many (MANY!) bikes throughout the past few years, but all have been vintage or 'fixer- uppers' which, for me, never met my need for a commuter friendly bike- something to get me to and from work without showing up soaking wet and out of breathe. I have been hunting for the perfect little bike... Searching blogs, checking out the hipster bike couriers, and imagining what this dream bike would look like for a very long time- and actually, it wasn't even me that found my special little friend- it was Jeff! He and my darling Finn took a trip over to Bike Bike yesterday to search out the perfect match. Jeff said as soon as he saw this one, he knew it was the one. And as soon as he showed me the pictures, I had to agree.

Welcome Lucy!

Bike Graveyard