Sunday, May 29, 2011

hair do

I recently cut off ALL my hair. I had been growing it since before I got pregnant with Finn, but found after he was born, it just got really dry, started falling out in clumps and did not want to do much for me. In total, I cut off over 11", but felt I was definitely due for a drastic change! And besides, whats the fun in having hair if it's not to cut it all off, grow it all out again, repeat... repeat... repeat?

I must admit, I much prefer myself with lighter hair- and not just because I was shopping with Finn and my BFF Stephanie (a blonde babe) a few months back and a cashier said to us "I can tell who your mommy is!" all the while looking straight at Steph! And having it short cuts down on SO much "getting ready" time. A welcome change for a Mama with a toodler who does not yet sleep through the night!

* sorry for the crumby/ somewhat goofy looking photobooth pictures. :)