Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love not working on Monday's. Having a three day weekend to spend entirely with my sweet Finn is ALMOST enough to make the four days I'm away somewhat bearable. Jeff works at the office on Monday's so it is usually just me and my little man doing our thing. This week (like many other weeks) we met up with my friend Stacey, and Finn's best buddy, Theo! The weather was finally nice enough to hit up the wading pool and splash around for the afternoon. The water was chilly, but the boys didn't mind a bit. They were also pretty excited to steal sips of our milkshakes and chow down on graham crackers after working up an appetite in the pool together. I'm feeling a little blue today- I spent most the afternoon counting down the minutes until I got to come home- after a wonderful day like yesterday, it really makes being away from Finn a lot more difficult. Just a bad day I suppose, and to be expected. Most days are good days, and coming home is always going to be the best part of it. I just look forward to having more time to spend watching Finn turn in to a little boy- he is just growing much to fast.