Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Walks with Nana & Grampy

We have been so lucky to have Jeff's parents here visiting us for the last few days. It's always SO wonderful having them around- Mostly because it is a treat to visit and spend time with them (family is so important to all of us), but also because they are SO good and overly helpful with Finn! Jeff and I have been able to get out on several dates and a couple of bike rides and spent several morning sleeping in while Finn hangs out happily with his Nana and Grampy! He absolutley LOVES going for walks with them. They usually get out several times a day with the evening walk typically being the perfect wind down before bed. Not tonight though! Tonights pre-bed walk was filled with giggles, endless chatting and continuously throwing Lapin (his most favourite bunny) out of the stroller. Thanks to Nana for capturing a few wonderful pictures of their adventure.