Tuesday, August 30, 2011

right now...

right now, I am...

feeling on the mend! i am a flu butt-kicking machine! sorta...
sipping a giant mug of peppermint tea
listening to silence- after a long day with many tears, i am basking in the complete stillness of this moment
excited for cupcakes tomorrow! celebrating lauren's 32nd year of life! xo
noticing how dusty the living room always seems to end up. but i don't seem to mind one bit
watching chapeau have puppy dreams - half barking in his sleep! adorable!
rejoicing that my sweet finn is finally snoozing. hopefully for a while longer this time
giggling over my halfhearted and very poor attempt at making a blanket fort for finn and i this afternoon
wearing layers and layers to keep warm on this chilly evening
wondering if i will make it to the west african dance class i signed up for tomorrow night
looking forward to holidays next week! so many things we want to do
loving the Maggie Taylor image below - it reminds me a bit of a picture Jeff and i took at my sisters wedding a few years ago
planning my etsy shop- just need to decide on a name once and for all
hoping the weather man is wrong and it will be warmer than 9 degrees tomorrow
wishing you all the sweetest of sweet dreams

(inspired by Soulemama & Sappy Apple)