Sunday, September 4, 2011


we have had some very crisp evenings over the last few days, but truthfully, i dont mind one little bit. i do love summer for many obvious reasons, but fall is my most favourite of all season! i love the clothes (i'm not much for shorts or tank tops- definitely a long sleeved shirt, scarves and boots kind of girl), i love the food (apples, beets, carrots, and pumpkins- oh my!) i love the holidays and celebrations that come with it (thanksgiving is my most favouite of all holidays! and Halloween is always something to look forward to!), and I love fall outings! (farm visits, harvest festivals, pumpkin picking, even just crunching through leaves soaking up a little bit of sunshine. nothing is better in my mind!) so although i am a tad bit sad to see summer leave, i am also very excited about the leaves changing colour and fall being around for a little while.

a few things i am most looking forward to-
  • making finn's halloween costume! its going to be so awesome! right now, its still a bit of a secret, but i will share a diy post all about his costume from both last year, and this one. 
  • thanksgiving dinner! i really wanted to have a place big enough to host thanksgiving at our house, but my family keeps growing- this year both my sisters (their husbands and kids) will be coming home (yippy!!), so couple that with the already large crowd of 20 or so aunts, uncles, and cousins, and its just a few too many people for our small little home. but some day! this year i hope to make lots and lots of delicious vegetables! brusselsprouts, heirloom carrots, candied sweet potatoes, beans... and of course, spiced apple cider, pumpkin pie (my first attempt at making it from scratch) and maybe a pumpkin cheesecake for some variety. i totally can not wait!!
  • pumpkin picking! i really wanted to take finn to pick a pumpkin last year, but he was still so small, and it just didnt pan out. this year, i am so excited to take him to the farm to pick a pumpkin, go for a hay ride, have some apple cider, and enjoy the seasonal festivities! and then come home, carve pumpkins and toast pumpkin seeds! so fun!
  • amazing apples and carrots from sunnyside market!
  • cool evening strolls around the neighbourhood watching the trees turn from green to yellow, red and orange
  • coffee! i absolutely love getting bundled up, walking to the coffee shop, and having a hot cup while sitting in the cool fall air- nothing beats that feeling of hot and cold mixing together perfectly!
  • starting my monday night pottery classes with jaquelene! it will be so great to make a few little things all while spending some time with a lovely little friend! cant wait!
  • fall bike rides- crunching through the leaves with my little family.
  • harvesting our garden! its killing me waiting to pick carrots, beets and potatoes! i cant wait to see how things grew over the summer!
  • canning! i want to make salsa, can some tomatoes, and maybe some pickled green beans or carrots. also, jam is a must!
this post is actually making me a little sad that its going to be 26 degrees outside today!
here are some inspiring fall images, all via pinterest.