Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the cutest little boy

A few random things i want to remember about Finn- right now...
  • It's so cute to see how much you LOVE trains! when one goes by you try so hard to make train noises while pumping your arm up and down like papa does to try and get the conductors to blow their whistle.
  • i love hearing you giggle- especially so when papa does a puppet show for you on the edge of the bed with your stuffed animals.
  • i am trying really hard not to freak out when you crawl around on the pavement. in your brand new (expensive) skinny jeans. ugh!
  • it's so cute how you want to do everything on your own now- like get your own crackers out of the cracker box, brush your own hair or pulling all your toys out of the toy drawer. you are becoming such an idependent little munchkin.
  • i love that you get so excited to go to the park! and even more excited to swing on the swings.
  • you are a bottomless pit! you eat so much- all the time, anytime. its hilarious, actually!
love you pal! as big as the sky! xo
obviously i'm totally the most biased person in the world, but man my kid is freaking cute.