Monday, September 5, 2011

happy pride!

Yesterday was Calgary's annual pride celebration. It was the first time in history that the mayor of our city has been involved (wearing a rainbow cowboy hat at that!) and this years festivities were bigger and better than ever before! i don't remember when or how i started feeling passionate about supporting issues for LGBT, but for me its always been a no-brainer. a matter of equality, basic human rights, and something i very much want Finn to grow up knowing is part of everyday life, completely normal and something he too can support wholeheartedly. We had a quick visit down to the park celebration to hear the mayor speak, see some beautiful drag queens and watch Finn dance up a storm to Katy Perry, but Finn was extra sleepy yesterday resulting in a much needed afternoon nap, so we headed home shortly after we arrived. It was a beautiful day though, and I'm so happy Finn was able to celebrate his first pride! We are all looking forward to many many more of these summer celebrations to come!

Finn was so stoked to find a balloon!

sharing a popsicle with mama