Saturday, September 24, 2011

happy weekend, buddies!!

I am so excited the weekend is here!! Finn woke me up at 6:45 this morning and I was actually a little bit grateful to be able to get a jump on the next three days! The weather here is incredible- warm, sunny and just perfect for puttering around! And I am so thankful to have some time away from work to focus on: getting my etsy shop organized- maybe even OPEN!? eeeeek!, taking pictures, editing pictures, getting together with one of my bff's to plan her wedding, sushi with two of my favourite gals, selling finn's too small, super cute clothes on kijiji so i can go shopping for some bigger, super cute clothes for him, having my parents over for dinner tomorrow evening, and catching up on some of my favourite blogs! It's been a hectic week, so it will be nice to make a pot of tea, sit and read all of your wonderful little posts!

Happy weekend every body!

oh- ps- I was bored the other night (and slightly inspired by my pottery teachers super cute hair) and decided to cut myself bangs! I'm loving the change, but as Jeff put it this morning, they are definitely not low maintenance!

Before bed...

the next morning. oh dear cowlicks.