Friday, September 16, 2011

love love love

I feel like it's been a really long time since I have bought new clothes. Ever since Finn was born, it's just not been the top of my priority list- partly because it took me until the last few months to loose the last bit of baby weight, and I definitely didn't want to buy bigger things (staying optimistic that I would one day be back down to my pre-baby size), but also I just feel like there are SO many other things to buy now. Things I mostly want to buy like,  a new house or a new couch or a westfalia camper van or super cute things from etsy, As well as things I wish I didn't have to buy, like... electricity. Whatever the reasons, I have much pent up fashion wishing going on now that fall is almost here. As I have mentioned before, fall is my favourite season- warm scarves, lots of jeans, cardigans, boots (oh how i LOVE boots!!), beautiful jackets and endless flannel. All of my most favourite things!!

Here is what is catching my eye these days... (All via my Pinterest)