Thursday, September 8, 2011

tiny treasures - mugs

I have a thing for mugs- small mugs mostly, but mugs in general... I love them. I will let you in on a little secret- some of you may already know this, but for others, this may be a slippery slope into mutual mug loving. Value Village is the BEST place to find beautiful, cheap and overall love (and apparently blog) worthy mugs. I have quite the collection- always purchased in pairs, most are hand-made creations, and never more than $0.49 each. I smile from ear to ear every time Jeff brings me a tiny mug filled with a splash of hot coffee in the morning or late afternoon (and then again when it is refilled several times over). I also love to sip wine our of them. Classy, i know, but something about the naturalness of the clay just feels right with a little bit of red wine swirling around.

this mug is one i picked up today- its actually a bigger mug that i am planning to take to work with me- it was a splurge at $1.49.