Friday, September 9, 2011

tiny treasures - blue blanket box

I have been looking around our home and realizing we have quite a collection of treasures- you know- little things that mean a whole lot or have an interesting (or sometimes funny) story behind them. And what better place to document these treasures than here, to share with all of you!

We have this little blanket box, we use it as a coffee table. It's robins egg blue and all kinds of scratched and dented up. But I love it- and when I saw it I had to have it. A few years back, Jeff and I drove across the country and back- I have mentioned this before, but we drove from Calgary to Halifax (and everyone where in between). Just outside of Halifax is small town called Windsor where Jeff's amazingly sweet cousin lives with his beautiful (inside and out) wife and their incredible teenage daughter. Visiting them is always such a fun time (as it is with most of Jeff's family) and they have such a great way of making you feel right at home. Downtown Windsor (if you can call it that) consists of a main drag with lots of cute, kitchy shops. We ventured in to the used sporting goods/ consignment shop and found this amazing blanket box! I had been hunting for one for quite some time, but never found that perfect one (or I did but it was a ridiculous amount of money). I was quickly drawn to the blue box and opened it up to see not only was it on sale, but it was on sale for $50.00. compared to other boxes we had found, this was practically free! After a few minutes of pleading my case to Jeff about how we HAD to have it, he agreed. The old man working in the store was all too happy to see the blanket box leave. He asked if we were from Halifax- he went on to tell us that the only reason he is able to stay in business was because folks came down from Halifax to buy his items and take them back to the city- he was flabbergasted when we told him we were from Calgary and that we were going to drive this little box all the way back to Alberta. Needless to say, this little treasure, all the way from Nova Scotia, has found a loving home here in Calgary- a comfy place to put your feet or rest a cup of tea, a nice focal point for our living room, and always a great story to share with friends.

all smiles after our blanket box purchase (you can see a little corner of it between jeff and i)
jeff's mom relaxing with a cup of tea and the blanket box in fredericton before our long drive home.
home sweet home