Thursday, September 22, 2011

tiny treasures - vintage cameras

We have a fairly large camera collection- i started collecting vintage polaroid cameras when i was 18 and fresh into photography. i loved thinking about all the amazing images these camera's had once captured- the families and amazing people that once owned them and they places they had traveled to. I had a deep love for land cameras but would pretty much buy anything that looked old. i hunted ebay, junk shops and value village routinely searching and day dreaming; quickly my collection grew. When Jeff and I first moved in together, he too had several old cameras to add to my now vast bunch. We had an awesome old house downtown that had a beautiful built-in open shelving unit in the kitchen- it was the perfect spot to display our ever growing collection of treasures. When we downsized and moved into our condo, we also had to downsize some of the less beautiful or sentimental items from our large collection. Though what is left is something we will surely keep forever- several meaningful and simply beautiful pieces of the past- both ours and that of many others.

this is most of the collection - we have a few more scattered around. the large grey land camera on the left was the first vintage polaroids i bought. i love the flash bulb on top!

two of the cutest in the collection.
i had dreamt of owning an sx-70 camera from the day i started loving polaroids! they are usually quite expensive, so i had never found one to buy. on our cross canada trip in in 2009, we were wondering around an antique shop in winnipeg and i found this one folded flat and tucked on a bookshelf for $15! i was over the moon! at the time, jeff had to order film all the way from germany. it was a lot of effort (and now the film is available at most camera stores again) but we do have a great collection of black and white polaroids from the first few months of finns life!
this video camera was given to me by a friend a few years back - it makes the coolest noises and is so beautful- definitely one of my favourites!
This Canon A-1 was given to me by my dad when i first got in to photography. He bought it around the time I was born and took many photos of me and my brother as we grew up. I LOVED this thing so much, and still do! I learned everything i know shooting endless rolls of film through this friend. Its been back and forth across the country multiple times as I toured with my friends bands,  i have shot more amazing places, musicians and people with this than any other camera. it has so much history and has stood the test of time- over and over again. It also created my endless love affair with Canon cameras.
This camera belongs to Jeff- i absolutely love it and think it is one of the most beautiful cameras in our collection. Jeff's car got broken in to a few years back and all of his camera gear was stolen from the back seat- needless to say, this camera was a replacement for one that was stolen, but i think we both agree its better than the original.