Monday, October 24, 2011

bumps and bruises

Ugh! It's been a bumpy week around here- Finn has managed to injure himself three times! All drawing blood and resulting in many many tears! It started Tuesday with a headfirst crash into a vintage metal camera box Jeff has sitting beside his desk- first bloody noise for our little guy. Saturday he dropped an empty plant pot on his big toe. It instantly went purple and there was lots of blood- Its looking a bit better now, but you can tell it's tender when he has shoes on or is walking. Lastly, yesterdays over-tired tumble onto the corner of the laundry basket- a little scrape on the chin, and tons of tears. It's so difficult to see your baby hurt themselves, and especially challenging to comfort them when they don't understand whats happening. Here's hoping the 'bad things happen in threes' rule is complete for this bout and that this week will be tear (and injury) free!

smiles with papa (even with a sore chin)