Saturday, October 8, 2011


I love Halloween! I love pumpkin picking, carving and seed roasting, I love costume idea searching and making and i LOVE handing out candy to all the cute little kiddies! It's actually kind of funny that i love it so much, because Jeff and I never really end up doing much, but now that we have Finn, all that will change! I have been working hard on Finn's Halloween costume for this year (I will share that with you when it is complete) but for the time being i thought i would post some pictures of Halloweens passed and 'runner up' ideas for Finn's costume!
Finn pumpkin picking 2010

Last year finn was a garden gnome.
paper bag princess and Waldo
when i was pregnant with finn, jeff and i went to a party as Hutterites (it was jeff's idea as he had been growing his giant beard for quite some time and thought it would be perfect!)

this year, jeff and i might go out at wayne and garth from wayne's world (with my thick rimmed glasses and new bangs, i look just like garth when i wake up in the morning)
runner up for finns costume - Hulk Hogan via pinterest and charlie brown. also via pinterest