Sunday, October 16, 2011


11 things that are making me very very happy on this beautiful Sunday morning:

1. Hot tea steaming up my glasses.
2. Visits to see some of my favourite people today! Stephanie Janice, my Mama and my Grandma's for dinner.
3. Sweater weather! I absolutley LOVE sunny, crisp fall days- cool enough for cozy sweaters, scarves and boots, but warm enough for not much else.
4. Remembering the deliciousness of last night birthday dinner celebrating my sweetest Holly! (The restaurant was soooooo beautiful too!)
5. Day dreaming about the house we looked at on Friday! Already laying out furniture and planning paint colours. (Oh dear.)
6. Pottery class tomorrow- I WILL make something lovely! Last week (being Thanksgiving) we had the week off, so I am extra excited for tomorrow!
7. THIS pine cone garland - so simple and cute! (found via Pinterest)
8. Planning for our 'Sustainable Gift Giving' event next month- I get coordinate eco gift wrapping ideas and have discovered sooooo many incredible ones!! I cant wait to share them all with you in the coming weeks! (in case you forgot, I LOVE wrapping presents!!!)
9. THIS beautiful wedding over on Green Wedding Shoes- so simple and stunning! 
10.  My sweet friend Cara and her little family FINALLY moving back to Calgary after being in London for the last 3 years!! Two more weeks!!
11. My guest post on Goat Notes Blog this Tuesday! 

Yippy!! Happy Sunday everyone!! xo