Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 before 30

i have been feeling a little anxious lately. a little overwhelmed, a little stressed, a little uneasy. i feel like for the last few months i have been having the same conversations over and over about where i am in life right now- in a bit of a holding pattern trying to figure out our next move. it's an unusual and somewhat shitty place to be. My sweet friend Heather suggested making a dream board- hopes, visions, goals and dreams for where i want to end up,  and really- how simply perfect is that concept? how can you ever truly manifest your intangible ideas if you don't clear them out of your incredibly full brain and put them onto paper? Something that you can look at and strive to create for yourself. But life gets busy, and other things always manage to fill up time, so manifesting the future continues to get pushed to the back burner. and i continue to hold. 

my 30th birthday is fast approaching. March 31st marks the end of my 20's and my journey into 'real' adulthood (whatever that means). timing is a funny thing sometimes- a lot of the blogs i frequent are taking part in the 30 before 30 project. simply put, a bucket list of 30 goals to finish before your 30th birthday. Today, more than ever, i feel like this is the perfect thing to kick me out of hold and into right now. And so, with only a few months to achieve my goals, my list will be a little less lofty than some, but it is (hopefully) all a step in the right direction.

1. visit my naturopath
2. find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe
3. plan a monthly potluck dinner with my bestest friends
4. make jeff a new favourite mug in my pottery class
5. spend 7 days without eating gluten, dairy or sugar (i know 7 days isn't very long, but i REALLY love cheese. and sugar.)
6. have a night away, just jeff and i
7. send someone a surprise in the mail
8. hang out with my brother more- arrange a coffee date at least once per month.
9. list our condo
10. pack a lunch for work 3 days a week
11. organize, file, and print finn's baby photos - CLEAR my hard drive!
12. take finn ice skating (or drag him behind me in his sled)
13. watch all of the twilight movies
14. eat at notable and ox and angela
15. get a tattoo (related to finn)
16. be more assertive, honest and forth coming
17. volunteer with a local community group or charity
18. (finally) open my etsy shop
19. buy myself something beautiful and totally impractical
20. floss my teeth every day
21. slow down, give thanks and express genuine gratitude for every blessing i am given in life
22. put plans into motion to start a 'random acts of community' project
23. visit jeff's amazing family in new brunswick
24. do 30 consecutive push-ups
25. sign up for a cob building class with dirt craft
26. do a serious cleanse (without cheating!)
27. work on being more patient. try to pause and have more thoughtful reactions to things that can sometimes annoy me
28. make fresh pasta
29. finally make that dream board
30. learn to let go