Wednesday, November 2, 2011

halloween 2011

I love Halloween and this year was extra wonderful! Things didn't quite go as planned costume wise- I had elaborate ideas for Finn's costume and it was almost completely made when an (expensive, last minute) snag ruined it all- but I think we will try again next year to complete this costume as it's just too good to not to use. In the mean time, I whipped together a really quick superhero outfit from some fabric I had kicking around the house. It was definitely not anywhere near as exciting as his original costume, but it did the trick in a pinch. We had a great night partying with the deBoer family on Saturday and then with them again on Monday we ordered Pizza and took the boys trick or treating. Neither of them were very keen on the actual trick or treating part, but they had a really fun time finding sticks and leaves along the walk and Finn loved closing all the gates to the yards as we passed by. It was such a fun night and a very exciting tradition that we look forward to continuing as the boys grow older.

* Sorry, if you follow my instagram, you have already seen these, but I wanted to share anyways. 

Halloween Morning- Catching up on Sesame Street
'Scary Pumpkin"

Best little white pumpkin

Yummy Seeds toasted with black and orange sea salt
a last minute costume for my sweet boy
'Finn Fantastique!"
Wayne and Garth - I kind of blew it on Jeff's wig.
little boys trading candy!