Monday, November 21, 2011

right now...

right now i'm...
  • nursing a sore throat with endless amounts of honey and lemon tea
  • smiling as Finn hums to himself to sleep
  • planning to finish decorating the house with christmas stuff
  • loving this portrait and wanting to recreate it with jeff
found via coco + kelly
  • longing to change out some of the art in our house- there are so amazing beautiful things out there!
  • admiring so many treasures on etsy! I dont even know how I shopped before this website. 
  • hunting for a blanket like any of these:
found via pinterest
  • wondering what i will bring to tonights pottery class potluck
  • happy to have another day off to spend with my sweet finn
  • excited for our christmas tree cutting adventure! maybe next weekend?
  • sending love, hugs and warm snuggles to everyone on this chilly winter day! xo