Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 11: Breaking Bread

Random Acts of Christmas, Day 11

We LOVE Sidewalk Citizen Bakery! Jeff and Finn go there every Friday and stock up on organic sourdough loaves, sourdough croissants, sticky buns, scones and other amazing treats! Aviv, Michal and their staff are the kindest people - generous, idealistic and forward thinking about what business and community should look like (they donate a portion of all of their sales to local charities, have an ongoing presence at local farmers markets, use almost exclusively locally sourced ingredients and deliver bread by bicycle every week). Not to mention they make truly amazing products- It's a treat in itself just to visit their bakery. I knew I wanted to do something that involved them- their business is exactly what community looks and feels like to me, so I thought it would be nice to buy one of their customers a loaf of bread. I wanted to leave it up to Aviv and Michal to decide who of their customers would be most deserving of this, so we just gave them an envelope with some cash in it and the same note saying to pass along some kindness.

Downloadable Bird gift tags by Rebecca's Misc.