Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 5: Warmer Hearts

Random Acts of Christmas, Day 5
We live in a densely populated area of the inner city surrounded by a lot of other condos and apartment buildings and as a result, have many people coming around looking to collect bottles and other items out of the dumpsters in our alley. (We have actually found some amazing treasures dumpster diving on our block- everything from vintage chairs (multiple!), a wicked shoe rack and a brand new, Canadian made wooden sled for Finn). There are a few regulars that we have come to know over the years- some of the kindest neighbourhood folk we have met yet. We always have wonderful conversations and exchanged smiles and waves when our paths cross, so I thought it would be nice to leave them a little Christmas surprise. They spend a ton of time outdoors, so along with some baking, we left them a scarf and a note to keep warm and (as always) pass along some kindness.