Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 6: word on the street

Random Acts of Christmas, Day 6

I recently fell in love with some of the street art popping up in the neighbourhood I work in (I did a blog post about it over at Green Calgary). Super sweet, inspiring words spray painted on random street corners around the community. I'm WAY to chicken to pull out spray paint, but thought chalk on street lamps would be the perfect winter alternative.

*Going back to the chicken comment, I almost had a heart attack doing this - I was so freaked out that people were watching or someone was going to yell at me. The messy, rushed writing and bad photographs are a result of that.

Finn has a Michael Franti book that my sweet sweet friend Heather gave to him when he was born. It is  one of his absolute favourites, so we read it multiple times a day. Before she gave it to him, she sent it to Michael to inscribe - he wrote: 'Finn, be peace'. So simple yet powerful - we love it a lot.