Sunday, December 18, 2011

a new stocking

I love stockings! Especially when they have meaning or stories behind them, and even more so when they are old and have been part of Christmas memories since childhood (like Jeff's!) I have never really had a special stocking, and the one I have had for the last few years was just picked up at a holiday store. I wasn't totally crazy about it- It was fine, but sitting next to Jeff and Finn's lovingly handmade stockings (both made by Jeff's talented and sweet mom) mine just looked out of place. It did have hope though and I had a vision for it. I found some perfect plaid fabric (an old shirt of Jeff's that had a whole in it), and one episode of 90210* later, my stocking was one step closer to being what I hoped for!

*Yes, I sometimes watch 90210. Actually, I watch a lot of really bad TV shows. We don't actually own a TV, but every now and then (especially and usually while crafting) I love to get into some really bad television shows. America's Next Top Model, 16 and Pregnant, New Girl, Jersey Shore- I realize I totally have a problem.

I still hope to put my name on my stocking- probably with embroidery, but might ask my friend Stacey to help with that. She has some amazing embroidery skills! I just need to decide on a colour.

Before & After
Chapeau, Finn (made by Jeff's Mom for Finn's first Christmas) me, and Jeff