Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tiny Treasures: Christmas Edition

We have a few really special Christmas things- items that have huge sentimental meaning or that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without. Christmas eve feels like the perfect time to share and reflect on those things, as well as offer a little peek at what our place looks like around Christmastime!

My mom made this ceramic Christmas tree when she was first married. It has always been my favourite decoration and the one thing I insisted on setting up. A few years ago, she passed it along to me so it sits on the island in our kitchen and every morning when Finn wakes up he makes sure we turn it on.

When my brother and I were really young, we made these little elf mice out of walnuts with my Grandma. I think they used to have bodies and be riding chocolate bar toboggans, but those have long since been eaten leaving me with just the heads, so I turned them into ornaments. I store them in my stocking and smile from ear to ear when I find them each year.

I talked about these stockings last week, but Jeff's mom loving made both of them and they are one of my favourite things to bring out at Christmas.

Our little tree. It took a lot of hunting to find a tiny little tree for our tiny little home.
I made most of the decorations around the house this year- my favourite being this simple white paper chain.
presents wrapped :: a clove filled orange ready to mull some cider
Letter to Santa and chocolate covered pretzels
Tired little monkey in his Christmas eve jammies and new slippers