Monday, January 2, 2012

rainy days and mondays

Today is one of those days that I just know will be a struggle. Finn woke up at 3:30, then 4:30 - we spent most of the morning snuggling, crying, breaking crayons and attempting to read stories. I know he isn't feeling well (he has a really bad diaper rash that only ever shows itself when he is sick and teething) and both of us are exhausted which leaves our tempers short and emotions high. I have also been trying to wean Finn down to only nursing in the morning. It's going all right, but it definitely takes it toll emotionally (and hormonally) on the both of us. It is my last day of holidays before heading back to work tomorrow which always makes me feel uneasy and a bit sad- as challenging as days like today are, I still hate missing anything- good or bad. As I write this, I realize I'm sounding a little ungrateful. A little whiny complaining about something that isn't really that big of a deal. We will cope. We will make it through. We will be fine. We will go on a very long walk in the warm Chinook air and enjoy the sun (if it ever decides to come up today). We will find a good park and run around and swing and giggle. We will eat extra yummy, tummy waring food, leave the bed in the living room unmade for the day, and take advantage of the abundance of cuddles being offered, (because they are not always so freely given). And finally, we will pick Papa up from work at 5:00 and be together as a family for the evening- pretty much a cure all for the both of us.