Wednesday, February 15, 2012

gratitude - catch up!

Eeep! Sorry, I have been busy these last few days and slacking on my gratitude recording. I have definitely been sending it all out, just a little behind in writing it all down.

Below- 4 days of things I am truly grateful for!

Finn waking up and calling my name. He mixes it up and bit and sometimes yells for 'papa' but waking up to that little voice in other room shouting for me to come get him is the BEST way to start any day!

Email. These last few days I have especially appreciated how wonderful it is to instantly send (and receive) love!

Lauren's psychic reading- To have some reaffirming thoughts from an enlightened source is definitely making me smile!

Fresh Air. One slow deep breath of it fixes just about anything.

Day dreaming. I seriously love running away with thoughts of 'what-if'. My brain hasn't turned off and ideas are flowing endlessly these days. 

Our sweet little dog, Chapeau. Love radiates from this tiny creature. 

Growing baby bellies! I have one girlfriend ready to pop any day now and two that still have a few months to go, but being around little baby bellies is such a cool feeling! Touching, talking, waiting for kicks... all some of the most sweet moments of my day.

Sore muscles- that feeling after trying REALLY hard to do 20 push-ups! So close!

Wool socks. My feet have been especially chilly these last couple of days and something about a cozy pair of (Jeff's) wool socks is so perfectly comforting.

Generally great and overly talented people! Tonight we met with two amazing photographers that will hopefully be photographing our wedding. Eden and Maria Lang - you are both such a treat! (and thank you for the potty training tips! :) )

Parents (all of them). They are so good to us. And tonight I'm especially grateful to my Mom and Step-dad for babysitting Finn while Jeff and I ate a delicious birthday meal!

Jeff's Mom! (and his Dad too, but this is just for his Mom!) Today is Jeff's birthday!! For me, giving birth is by far the most indescribable and profoundly wonderful life changing experience. Today, (and always) I am so beyond grateful that Jeff's mom gave life to such an amazing and beautiful human that I so luckily get to share my everything with. Thank you thank you thank you, Anne! Happy birth anniversary!! And happy birthday to my dearest love! xo

finn trying out chopsticks