Wednesday, February 22, 2012

music to get you through hump day

My friend Chris is an amazing musician! Singer, songwriter, instrument player. In the 13 years we have known each other, he has accumulated a pretty remarkable discography. Never being without a band or side project, I have been lucky enough to get to hear just about everything along the way.

This morning he sent me his latest gem, a project he has been working on since 2000 with collaborative input form many of his equally talented friends. The band is called 'Heavy Steps' and the album, 'You Conduit', is simply perfect! I can honestly say this is one of the greatest collections of songs I have had the pleasure of listening to in quite some time. The dreamy vocals put a smile on your face, while the already beautiful mix of music being played is the perfect compliment to just about anything you have on the go.
It just totally made my day, and hopefully will make yours!

You can listen to the album free online or go HERE and for $5.00 you can download it to keep forever!