Monday, February 27, 2012

sick sick yick

ugh, I have literally been sick EVERY weekend since we've been back from New Brunswick. Without fail, Thursday evening or Friday morning I start to get the sore, tender throat, and by Saturday I am big giant bag of whole body, all over, everything hurts sickness. Then come Monday eve or Tuesday morning, things are pretty good and back to normal again.

repeat repeat repeat.

This weekend has by far been the worst of it. With no real end in site, I have spent my Monday evening missing pottery class, eating chocolate chip cookies, and googling endlessly meningitis, strep throat and bronchitis. (I'm totally not an alarmist at all.)

Speaking of alarms, the smoke detector in the condo next door to ours was going off this morning. Everyone on the floor was in the hallway- each of us totally unsure what to do. Finn had so much fun running around, peeking into everyone's open doors and smirking at all our neighbours. Finally after almost 2 hours, someone showed up from our property managers office with a key to the unit to unplug the alarm. Without confirming to any of us that there was nothing to worry about, they were gone as quickly as they arrived. In my moments of panic, I frantically took blurry iphone pictures of all our expensive things - computers, cameras and more cameras. We just got a new imac and I was having a hard time believing that our insurance company would buy that we have three computers (and an ipad), but no TV. It made me a little sad to think- if our house was on fire, what would I grab in that moment of panic? Yeah, expensive crap that I wouldn't want to fight the insurance company to replace. (Though, I did make myself feel mildly better by realizing that ALL of Finn's baby photos are on that expensive piece of crap, so really.... :)) I would also grab Finn's Ernie dolls.

I love this video- After all this embarrassing computer talk, I should probably try this exact thing.