Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tiny treasures - finn's art collection

Jeff and I really love art. Any and all kinds and especially when made by people we adore. Finn has a growing collection of drawings, paintings and photographs made for him throughout his life by talented friends and family. Each piece so thoughtful and a perfect treasure to display above Finn's crib for him to wake up and yammer about after each nap.

The above drawing was made by Chad VanGaalen - a local singer, songwritter and artist. He is such a talented and nice guy with two young daughters of his own. Jeff has done a fair amount of photo work with him over the years, and received this drawing for Finn as a trade for something. We called Finn 'Panda' when he was growing in my belly, so my sentimental love of all things panda is still huge.

This painting was a Christmas gift from Finn's BFF, Theo! He is a natural artist (with a super beautiful and creative mama!) This is definitely Finn's favourite piece.

These two are just tiny! The watermelon was an out take from the artwork my friend Paula made for the illustrations for Finn's first birthday book. The pencil drawing on the right was one I made for him. He loves the book 'When you were Small' and one of the illustrations in the back is similar to this drawing. Finn loves flipping to the back cover and repeatedly pointing at it over and over, so I figured I would make one for him (of him!)

Jeff's Aunt Moe made this little train painting for Finn on our visit to New Brunswick last month. Finn obviously loves trains, and giggles with glee every time he sees this one.

Lastly, this is photograph Jeff took on his 4"x5" camera. It's in Elkford, BC at my parents cabin and was shot while Finn was growing in my belly. It was the first thing we hung especially for Finn.