Tuesday, March 27, 2012

right now...

right now i'm...

  • cuddled up next to finn while he watches the sandlot and i blog.
  • contemplating what I need to do career wise.
  • planning to tidy up the house... hopefully tonight.
  • dreaming about my new engagement ring! my original has become somewhat fragile, so jeff and i agreed to get a second, more sturdy accompanying ring.
  • excited for the next couple weekends! my birthday this weekend, finn's the next!
  • a little stressed about the things left on my '30 before 30' list not yet accomplished!
  • feeling bitter sweet that my baby will soon be TWO! ugh!
  • wondering why finn hates baths so much right now.
  • happy that the days are getting warmer and longer!
  • feeling content - lots of things just seem to be falling into their perfect place!
  • sending so much love to the ones I love the most! xo