Thursday, April 5, 2012

almost the birthday boy

ugh, finn is turning two on monday. i have no idea where these last few years have gone, but it actually feels like i blinked my eyes and suddenly a little boy appeared right in front of me. last year we had a bit of a bigger party, but opted to keep things mellow for birthday number two. we will be having a few people over for brunch on saturday morning, so i (of course) made a few party things in preparation.

last year i made finn a party hat, and thought it would be neat to make (and save) him a new hat for each birthday - finn LOVES the book 'where the wild things are', so we VERY loosely used this as a bit of inspiration for his invitations and, this birthday crown.

I bought some really cheap crape paper streamers that i was hoping to decorate with, but the quality of them ended up being so bad that they were literally tearing and falling apart in my hands. i thought it would be simple but still look nice to thread them on to some twine and hand it as one big garland. So far its coming together nicely - I will keep you posted with how it turns out!
Finn celebrating his first birthday.