Sunday, April 8, 2012

hoppy easter

happy easter! we had a nice morning eating left over quiche from the party yesterday and having a glow in the dark easter egg hunt. i had found some (cheap plastic) duck eggs but wasn't keen on the idea of putting any kind of food inside them. i found the idea on pinterest to fill the eggs with glow sticks and thought it would be the perfect alternative- needless to say, it has been endless hours of fun at our house this morning!

we also made finn an easter basket complete with a trumpet, new crayons, a little bunny, capsules that turn into sponge bugs when you put them in water, and moustache glasses. finn has a favouirte book where a strawberry dresses up in moustache glasses as a disguise, so i thought he would love these, but he isn't quite as excited about them as i was.

Finn has a bunny he completely loves named little sebastian. when i saw a mini version of sebastian last week, i couldn't resist. i also figured as he grew older and wanted to take sebastian to school with him, it would be handy to have a mini version to tuck in his backpack :) thinking ahead! finn has been dragging both bunnies around all morning (and cried when i tried to take this picture of them - hence why its a touch blurry).

little sebastian and petit sebby junior