Sunday, April 15, 2012

a new table

we have been hunting (and saving) for a new kitchen table for a while now and we finally made a decision! we really looked EVERY WHERE trying to find the perfect table for our space and surprising had a really hard time tracking one done - we actually picked the table we ended up getting mostly because we kind of liked it and it went on sale, which for an impatient me, ended up being the final push i needed to commit. it was the very first table we looked at, but now that its finally in our kitchen, we both completely LOVE IT! it's the perfect mix of rustic and modern and is made from reclaimed wood AND recycled metal and is naturally stained with VOC free stain. it definitely feels perfect in our little space- i cant wait to see finn sitting there working on his homework as the table grows along side all of us.

our old, well loved table