Saturday, May 26, 2012

happy happy happy

yippy! the weekend! jeff's parents are coming to visit on tuesday and i couldnt be more excited! i love spending time with them and its wonderful to see how happy finn is when he gets to be around nana and grampy. it will be so great to visit and catch up, but i am also looking forward to a few dates with the love of my life. its been a while!

in other news, i resigned from my job! eeeeep! it was really a tough decision to leave such a meaningful organization (and some truly amazing people that i have been fortunate to work with), but when push came to shove, i was feeling spread too thin and my time with finn was suffering as a result. jeff and i talked about it A LOT and we agreed that it would be best for all of us for me to be able to spend more time being a mama and less time being away and stressed. i feel SO good about this and am really looking forward to having more time to reconnect with finn and just be around more. as crazy as it sounds, im excited to clean out cupboards, organize our closets, cook, bake and make things and vacuum more than once a month. its going to be great!

image via carolyn gavin