Sunday, May 13, 2012


i can't even seem to express how graciously humbled i feel to be mama to the most amazing little boy. my life is so much fuller, gratifying and continually rewarding because every day i get to wake up to a loving smile and look into those sweet blue eyes and feel my heart melt a little bit more. 

today especially, i am also so grateful to my THREE mama's and my incredible grandmother for their love, support and guidance over the years.

of course, my own mother - you have been there through everything and i attribute so much of the woman i have become to the life you worked so hard to give us. you are such a strong woman and so genuine and passionate- i hope you always know how much i love and appreciate you and everything and oppotunity you have provided for me.

to my step-mother, terry - you have always been so kind, loving and supportive. you have a wonderful demeanour and i will always appreciate your warm heartedness and our wonderful late night talks more than you will ever know.

to jeff's mom, anne - i honestly couldn't have dreamt of a more wonderful mother-in-law. you are always so warm, thoughtful, supportive of EVERYHING and wonderfully loving. i value so much the way you raised jeff and kyle and draw inspiration from your mothering style regularly.

to my grandmother - grammy, you are such a wonderful woman - i have endless happy memories throughout my entire life that i will forever cherish. thank you for being so loving, caring and understanding through out my lifetime. you have a beautiful spirit!

and lastly, to all the wonderful mothers out there - my dear sisters, aunts, cousins, friends - everyone who puts their darling children ahead of all else - may this day be filled with all the happiness in the world. sending love to each and every inspiring one of of you! xo

me and my mama - 1983
me and my mama - mothers day 2007
Terry with finn and my dad
anne and jeff 
anne with jeff and kyle 
grammy and finn
finn mothers day 2012